Can you limit/restrict a group to a single project?


I’m new(ish) to Shotgrid, so I don’t know if this is obvious, but can you limit a group to a single project? For instance, I want to create a group called Production Team on a project called Space. I want that group to be restricted/limited to that project; that way, if someone is writing a note and wants to send(To)/CC the production team in that note, there is no chance they can accidentally add the production team from another project.

I know the obvious solution is to name the group Space Production Team. But if we have multiple groups such as Animation Team, Lighting Team, Rigging Team, etc. I don’t want a situation where an artist (for example, an animator) might want to send a note to another team/group (for example, lighting), and they’ll just pick the first group that appears when they write in that team’s name.

If anyone can let me know, that would be great.

If its not permission based then I guess this solution would work (rework it to a Group):