Isolate tags between projects


I’m wondering how I could have tags per project, completely isolating them between projects.

I’m investigating using tags and I’m not sure having them being ‘global’ is very safe, because a tag that was used on a project might later be renamed for the purposes of a new project for example, by a user that would not realize that it affects all instances of the tag and that would not be good.

Also, the list of global tags will grow a lot over time, which would not be an issue if tags were limited to projects

Is there a way to change the tags to reflect this request ? Or is it possible to recreate some kind of custom tag field and not use the default tags ? In that case, I would still like to benefit from the quick search function

Thanks for any insight into this

We enabled one of the CustomEntity entities and called it “Project Tag”.
I think if you enable “Include in Search results” for the entity, it will added to quick search

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You may be able to have SG support help you set up tag filters per project on the backend. We are testing that to filter tags per entity type…but you might be able to do it per project as well. Works well for us so far.