How to add more to the "Keywords" quick search - like "Tags"?

Hey there, does anyone know how to add more queries to the “Keywords” when you click the little down arrow on the quick search bar?

You can see in one image, that on Project A > Assets page > there are “Alternate Name”, “Asset Name” and “Status” but then on Project B > Assets page > there are only “Asset Name” and “Type”. How do you go about changing this? Is this a per Project thing? Or per Page?

Thank you for any help!


Hi @polyshifter :wave:,

Welcome! In this case, Tags is a multi-entity field, so there isn’t a way to add them to the default list of keywords, and you’d need to add it individually to your search. Sorry about that!

To give a little more detail about this, if you add a text type field to the page, that text field will be added to the list of defaults. However, entity/multi-entity type fields like “Link” and “Tags” aren’t currently supported like this.

As an alternative way to search by Tags, you can use the filter panel, and add a filter widget for the Tags field. Would that work for you instead?

I suggest submitting your ideas to our product team for consideration:


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Thanks for clarifying this a bit more. That’s unfortunate that it isn’t supported but thank you for showing me how to request a feature :).


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Hey @polyshifter, good news! As of 8.9 (releasing tomorrow), Tags will be included in the keywords option when using the quick filter.


Great, thank you!