Restrict View Permissions Based on Status/Pipeline

I want to allow a new user group I created (duplicated artist) to be able to view some tasks and some versions, but not others.
Is it possible to do this by restricting view based on Status, or pipeline step?
E.G. I have a selection of shot WIPS that my new group should not see, but others that I do want them to see.
I know I can use filters to do this, but find the users mess up the filters and get confused.

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Hi David,

If it is for convenience, and not security, you could build them their own Page or add a tab to a Page with the proper Page Filter and direct them there.

There are handy filters on Tasks like ‘Assigned to’ ‘includes’ ‘Me’ that work for anyone looking at the Page.

Would that work?


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To avoid users messing it up, you could check the Hide Saved Filters in Filter Panel * option under the Advanced section of that permission role once you set up page filters.

This way, the page filter you set up are applied on that page, but users on that permission role won’t see the applied Saved filter or even edit it.