Tk-multi-workfiles2 app bug when saving?

I think I may have found a bug in tk-multi-workfiles2.

In our scenario we want to use cgmTools in Maya for rigging and other purposes as it’s quicker than working through Shotgun file-save/load and enables a better workflow for artists when rigging/modeling etc.

So I hooked the engine command to load the workfiles file-save into cgmTools, it will switch engine context to what is selected in cgmTools (which matches our normal workfile structure in Shotgun), then triggers file-save to open.

But it seems that file-save doesn’t see the other workfiles that are already saved, it triggers this message “We didn't find any existing versions of the file "rig" in the selected work area” which is odd as the files do live in the filesystem.

The version dial also seems confused as it jumps between version 1 and the latest available version number.

If interested, this is the code that runs, it takes the selected filepath from cgmtools (which leads to our work folder) and feeds that into our context creation:

    # Test for Shotgun var, then proceed to save in either cgm-way or Shotgun way
    if "CGMTOOLS_USE_SHOTGUN_FILE_SAVE" in os.environ:
        import sgtk

        # get engine and toolkit
        engine = sgtk.platform.current_engine()
        tk = engine.sgtk
        context = tk.context_from_path(self.versionDirectory)

        # attempt to change our engine context so the file-save dialog will open up in the right context

        # open/run shotgun file-save command
        callback = engine.commands["File Save..."]["callback"]

        # reload cgm ui
        new_save_file = os.path.basename(mc.file(q=True, loc=True))