File Save bug C4D

Hello there, found an interesting bug trying to test-drive C4D integration for Shotgun.

  • I launch C4D through SG Desktop
  • Select task
  • Create new file
  • Save new file
  • Make changes
  • Save file
  • Make changes
  • Try to save the 3rd version and i get this:

It reads the previous files fine when populating the preview but than when i hit the save it sayt it cant see the files and wants me to start saving again from v001

Any idea where i should start looking?

The fact that it works twice and gets stuck on third attempt is interesting. Possibly also points to a problem. jut i have no idea.

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Additional info: trying the same steps with Houdini in the same Shotgun project gives no problems.

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Additional Info: Restarting computer didn’t help. But unchecking the the Use Next Available Version Number helped…

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