SG File Save to allow entry for optional keys

In the templates.yml under maya_shot_work, instead of {name} key we use {SHOT} key to avoid human error in entering the shot name. We’ve also added an optional key name_descript to add a description to the file name:

    type: str
    filter_by: alphanumeric
    type: str
    filter_by: alphanumeric

    #definition: '@shot_root/work/{current_user_name}/maya/{Shot}.[{name_descript}.{Step}.v{version}.{maya_extension}'

SG File Open shows both files with/without the optional key, but the SG File Save does not allow input for the optional key.

Is there a way to make SG File Save to allow input for the optional key without taking over tk-multi-workfiles2 app?

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Hey @Shervinion—thanks for the question! I wanted to let you know that I’ve moved it over to the #pipeline category so it gets the right eyes on it. :slight_smile:

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Hi Shervin

Good question! I apologize I didn’t see it originally in the Shotgun category.

You could have [.{name}] in your template path, as workfiles2 recognizes the name key, but you can’t use arbitrary keys as workfiles2 doesn’t know how to resolve these.
Basically the save dialog can resolve any keys that come from the context/schema folders + the name and version keys. Anything beyond that would require taking over the app.

Also, I think you have a typo in your example, it doesn’t have the closing square bracket.


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