Substance Painter Integration

Im trying to integrate susbtance to my shotgun pipeline with the @Diego_Garcia_Huerta tk-substancepainter but every time when I open substance painter I get this error: “[Plugin - shotgun_bridge] Shotgun engine | Shotgun Substance Painter Engine connection was lost. Restarting engine…”

And the shotgun button its not available on the shelf

Anyone else got this?
How I can try to solve ?

Thanks Guys!


What version of substance painter are you using I had a similar issue with anything above 6.1

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I’ve tested in 6.1.1 and 2019.2.1 got same issue

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Are you running the a central or distributed config?

Have you tried reloading the plugins folder?

and also it maybe a firewall issue since it is trying to open a port

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we are using Distributed config

hmm, How I can reload the plugins folder? sorry I’m noob

I checked, I’m not using this port anywhere and also Im not bloking it

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oh also you need to have the unreal engine framework not sure if you have that up to date

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Hi there,

Just in case, make sure you have the latest version of the engine running, There was a change in the way the versioning system works for Substance Painter (2020.1 became 6.1 automagically!) and the engine had to be updated to cope with it.


Check this section, and replace in the yml file the version number.

After that do not forget to run tank cache_apps

As @Dfulton1 has mention the tk-framework-unrealqt is used. This is because PySide is required to run toolkit applications and Substance Painter does have it by default.

I believe as long as you do tank cache_apps the required frameworks listed by an engine are downloaded automatically.

Hopefully this solves the issues you are eperiencing.


First, thanks @Dfulton1 and @Diego_Garcia_Huerta!

The shotgun button inside substance is showing, but the shotguns tools isnt.

Actually I don’t know the proper workflow with the integration, but, How I publish the substance files?

I also attached the TkSubstance log tk-substancepainter.log (28.4 KB) .

Thanks guys!

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That menu shows as if the YAML configuration files have not been merged into your shotgun configuration YAML files.

Could you confirm you followed the steps to add the tk-apps:

These yaml files provided should be merged with the original ones as they won't work on their own.

You should merge the contents of YAML file from:
configuration files
into the ones from your shotgun environment configuration.

You can read more about shotgun environment configuration here:

Once that is done you should see the tk-apps apearing in the menus.

To start working within shotgun , you would normally go to Shotgun Icon -> File Open -> Choose your asset -> Choose your task -> click “New File”
This sets the context to the asset you have chosen. After that you can start a new project within substance painter.
You should be able to save your file with Shotgun Icon -> File Save
And you will be able to publish your substance painter session and textures, with Shotgun Icon -> Publish


  • Diego

Just for information, it’s now possible to use directly the Painter Python API and the Qt embedded in Painter 6.2.0 so the tk engine for Painter can be made much simpler, without any need for a separate server. Diego’s engine is a very good base to do this ;).


Yeah it will be way simpler. I actually have a prototype for this (I was too excited not to try when it came out), but unfortunately the python API has not catch up with the qml API yet, so I could not get all the features that are needed… Said this, they are adding more and more vey quickly, so I imagine it won’t be long until we have parity between both APIs.
@Alefeve Have you tried the python API already ? if so, what is your experience with it ?


We did the simplification, yes, and it went well, but we just have the very simple operations like open and save for the Painter project, no management of the exports yet.


Hey all,

Any recent work on Substance Painter toolkit? It’s a key part of our pipeline so we’re trying to figure out how to get everything working with recent releases.


We have submitted a PR on github making the engine compatible with Python 3.
Diego has not responded on it yet, but I think it will be beneficial to get more eyes on it anyway. If you’d like to give it a spin…
Edit: so far we tested with 2020.2.2.

Awesome, thanks! We’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Btw the script path for Substance has changed, it is now \Documents\Adobe\Adobe Substance 3D Painter\plugins

I know this is from a long time ago, but has anyone tried converting the engine to use the Python API. Is it worth giving a go?

Seems like it would be a lot more straightforward. We haven’t tried it yet.
It might be a weekend project, I don’t really know the surface of this plugin.

We have been looking into this and trying but I think we came to the conclusion there are a few things missing in the Substance Python API.

I can ask what it was we ran into, this was pretty recent.