No module named QtWebKitWidgets

Hello everyone,
i am currently trying to install the substancepainter engine from this git:

I know that this is not officialy supported by Shotgun, but maybe someone can help me with an error occuring. When I open substance painter the engine is constantly trying to reconnect to the shotgun server. The only striking log line is the following:

[2796 DEBUG sgtk.core.util.qt_importer] Unable to import module ‘QtWebKit’: No module named QtWebKitWidgets

I found out that QtWebKit got deprecated but I also know that the substance engine should work with the latest SG-Core and Substance versions. Did someone maybe already encountered that problem and could help me with some tips?

Still I do not really know, if the error message has anything to do with the engine not working.

Thank you very much in advance, any help would be appreciated


I doubt that warning is the issue, certainly from a Toolkit perspective, we’re just logging that we couldn’t import it and include it in the PySide/PyQt wrapper, but we don’t use it so unless this engine is doing something specifically with it, that shouldn’t be the problem.

When you say reconnect what is it showing?


Looping in @Diego_Garcia_Huerta for visibility. :slight_smile:


Thanks @philip.scadding
The Log in Substance keeps repeating those two lines:

[Plugin - shotgun_bridge] Shotgung engine | Shotgun Substance Painter Engine connection was lost. Reconnecting...
[Plugin - shotgun_bridge] [DEBUG] Shotgun engine | Starting tk-substancepainter engine with params: "..../python.exe" ""

UPDATE: The reason was that I used an older engine version for some reason, after the update to 1.2.2 the integration works again. Thanks again for the help!