Substance Designer | Shotgun Toolkit Engine Released

Hi Shotgun Community,

Hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy in these crazy times,

I’ve just released Shotgun toolkit integration with Adobe Substance Designer in case you are interested:

It has been only tested under Windows 10 with Substance Designer 2020.1.3 (10.1.3). This means that while I’ve done my best to guess where the location of the installed executable/binary is in Linux and macOS, some tweaks might be required for those operating systems.

Warning that the engine has not been run in production (or literally by anyone else yet!), so feedback is very much welcomed or even better, contributions to the git repo.

Most hooks for default tk-apps are included. No tk-multi-setframerange as it did not make sense for this app and also no tk-multi-loader2 updates of resources within packages (I could not find a way in code to support this). Depending on your pipeline/workflows requirements you might want to modify/tweak the hooks provided.

You will find handy the ‘config’ folder within the repository, that contains the changes to apply to your tk-config-default2 environment config yml files, templates, engine_locations.yml , etc… to have all the tk-apps

Take a look at the README for detailed instructions on how to get the engine up and running and more information about implementation details.

Hope this helps with some texturing/surfacing workflows!


  • Diego



That’s amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this!


Late to the party here, but Diego, this is so awesome – you’ve done it again!

I’ve gone ahead and added this to the Community Shared Integrations page (though I guess I need to go in there and s/Allegorithmic/Adobe/g!).

Love your screenshots in the README of your Software entity page and
Shotgun Desktop populated with all your awesome integrations, too! :blush:

Thanks again for all your great contributions to our community. We really appreciate it!


Thanks @tannaz for your kind words, and also for adding the engine to the community shared integrations page. I knew someone would notice sooner or later the screenshots … :smile:

Somewhat related to that, I’ve been playing with the new github profile pages recently, and decided to add a very small poll section to get an idea of what could be the most useful tk-engine to work on next. While I cannot promise anything, it is always good to know what would be useful for the studios out there.

You can check it out and vote if you want: (completely anonymous)