Toon Boom Harmony | Shotgun Toolkit Engine Released

Hey Shotgun Community,

Happy New Year 2020 to everyone,

As a good start of the year, here you have my implementation of a shotgun engine for Toon Boom Harmony:
tk-harmony repository

I have had the chance to tested it only in Windows 10 with Harmony Premium 16. Linux and Mac users, I’ve done my best to guess where the location of the installed app and script folder are, but might required some tweaks.

Warning that the engine has not been tested in production (or by anyone else yet!), so feedback is very much welcomed or ever better contributions to the git repo.

All hooks for all default tk-apps are included, the only one left to do is the update part of tk-multi-breakdown. Of course you might need to modify/tweak the hooks to fit your pipelines/workflows requirements.

As I tend to do with other engines and to make things easier to setup, I’ve included a ‘config’ folder in the repository where you will be able to find the changes to add to your tk-config-default2 environment config yml files, templates, engine_locations.yml , etc… Take a look at the README for a few more details on tk-apps workflows and implementation details.

Hope this is useful for someone out there!




This is amazing! My studio is talking today about creating a 2D pipeline for harmony/SBPro in Toolkit today, so we will check this out and get back with feedback! Thanks for working so fast on this!


Super cool, @Diego_Garcia_Huerta! Thank you very much for sharing this with the community. :rocket:

(P.S.—I added a few tags to the post so it’s easier to find in the future.)

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@Diego_Garcia_Huerta, this is so awesome! Thanks so much for all your contributions to the Shotgun community! :blush: :blush: :blush:


@tannaz I got an email about the toon boom integration linking to this - is Shotgun also looking at integrating Storyboard Pro?

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Hi Rob – Rob (Blau, aka @rob) sent out that announcement to people who’d expressed interest in the Toonboom integration via our roadmap page (or if we’ve expressed interest on your behalf :blush:).

We don’t support community integrations like this one, but we’re always super grateful when our clients share what they’ve built on the Toolkit platform. We’ve amassed a nice collection, and in fact, a good number of them have Diego’s name on them.

Having said that, I don’t think that work on a Storyboard Pro integration is on the upcoming roadmap currently. I’d suggest going back to the roadmap page and adding a request there; it’ll go directly to Rob and our product team.


Hi Diego,

This is so cool! I’m curious, given that you’ve done this a couple of times now, are there any things you could share with us regarding the easy and hard bits of writing an engine from scratch? Is there anything you wished was streamlined in Toolkit that would make it easier to write an engine or integrate it into a config. If there’s anything you’d like to share, you can create a new post on the forum (I don’t want to derail this thread!) or send us a support ticket if you’re not comfortable sharing your feedback publicly.

Thank you for sharing your awesome work!



Thanks everyone for your comments, it is encouraging to hear that people are already making use of this and other engines I’ve released.

Answering your question, I think the challenges do not tend to come from the toolkit framework (which at this stage I know by heart), but from figuring out the DCC apps APIs. While some are straight forward with the basics like open/save/import or having python scripting capabilities, others are not so much, ie. server/client approach to communicate engine/DCC app, or a not so mature API always makes things more complicated
Also, while I tend to take sometime to understand how the DCC app is used, not having actually used it as an artist make me think sometimes that I might be skewing the workflows I implement towards what the API allows me to do rather than what would be the normal workflow from an artists perspective.

I’ve been thinking on writing an article/series of articles about my experience coding these engines, their peculiarities, and what steps I tend to follow from beginning to end. As always, it is a matter of finding the time to actually sit down and write.


I’ll have something extra to do on my monday morning :o


Hey all! We recently released an updated “Developing an engine” guide that we hope will prove useful for you. For those who are embarking on engine development, this is a good place to start. For those who have experience developing engines ( @Diego_Garcia_Huerta :eyes: ), we’d love to hear your feedback on the doc – anything you think we should add?

Please check it out!


Kudos @Diego_Garcia_Huerta, Awesome stuff!! Is this engine intended to use used with Harmony Standalone or can this be used with Harmony working off a network (database mode) ??


Apologies I did not see this question before!
I designed it with Harmony Standalone in mind, as it was what I had at hand and what most of my clients use.


Hi guys -

We are using shotgun for a 2D studio, various productions in various levels.

Would love to see Storyboard Pro/Harmony (aka the ToonBoom toolkit) integrated into 2D production tools!



Hey @Romney_Marino—welcome to the forum! I’m not aware of any 2d-specific resources, but asked the team to confirm.

Maybe those above may have some thoughts and ideas too!

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Hi @Romney_Marino,

I’m not sure if I understand what you are after, but I find the Discord Toom Boom server a place with a lot of people very knowledgeable about Toom Boom products, including scripting, sharing assets, etc…

Hope this helps!

  • diego

Fantastic Work Diago.