ShotGrid Integration 1.6 Release Notes


What’s new?


tk-framework-adobe to v1.1.7

  • Change the color of the ShotGrid hyperlinks to be contrasted enough with the background.

tk-nuke to v0.14.6

  • Introduces the ‘allow_keep_context_from_project’ engine setting that avoids the ShotGrid menu from being disabled when for example someone opens a file with Nuke’s File → Open, that does not reside in any known project path. (Thanks to @Ricardo_Musch)

  • Update latest Nuke supported version to v14.0.

tk-houdini to v1.8.5

  • Add support for Houdini 19.5 / Python 3.9.

tk-framework-aliastranslations to v0.2.3

  • Enable CATPart Publish using tk-multi-bg-publish

tk-multi-shotgunpanel to v1.8.6

  • Extend the listing of entities from 50 to 200 items. Display a message regarding the maximum number of items displayed and partial data loaded from ShotGrid.

tk-alias to v3.0.1

  • Alias 2024 support with re-factored Engine
  • Added support for both Python v3.7.x and v3.9.x to be able to run with SG Desktop v1.8.0
  • Publish Plugin - Add ability to generate a .vpb file after Alias wire publish finishes

tk-alias-framework to v1.0.1

  • Added for re-factored tk-alias Engine

tk-vred to v3.0.0

  • Support Qt6/PySide6 for VRED 2024

tk-framework-qtwidgets to v2.10.7

  • Fix thumbnail view for PySide6
  • Improve delegate handing of mouse mouse events
  • SearchWidget emit search changed signal on editing finished
  • Add new decorators module
  • Filtering Improvements

tk-maya to v0.11.6

  • Replace mel setProject command with the workspace command for bootstrapping the engine in batch mode

tk-flame to v1.17.8

  • Update engine for start frame support

tk-framework-adobe to v1.1.8

  • Bump certifi from 2020.6.20 to 2022.12.7

tk-framework-desktopserver to v1.6.1

  • Updates Cryptography.

tk-desktop to v2.6.9

  • Bumps copyright year.

tk-core to v0.20.22

  • App Session Launcher foundation
  • Specify ‘utf8’ encoding when reading YAML data from disk
  • First step to supporting PySide6
  • Added SGTK_PROJ_THUMB_OLD to environment_variables.
  • Update object copy syntax to be compatible with older Pythons.
  • Remove external tests dependencies for Python3

tk-framework-desktopstartup to v2.1.21

  • Bump tk-core to v0.20.22

tk-multi-launchapp to v0.12.3

  • Pop up an error dialog if launch app fails

Fixed bugs

tk-3dsmax to v1.2.5

  • Minor fix on tk-3dsmax with versioning names

tk-multi-data-validation to v0.1.5

  • Improvements to loading rule logic
  • Alias Viewport not refreshed after running some fixes
  • Fix retry attempt to resolve all rules.
  • Allow creating a notifier when creating the manager.
  • Only add the dependency if it is included in the settings and there is data for it.

tk-alias to v3.0.1

  • Fix publish error message
  • Cannot publish from Alias with Basic Config
  • BG Publish - CATPart file is exported with warning
  • Alias Viewport not refreshed after running some fixes
  • Fix get pipeline config
  • Fix background publishing when using Python 3.9 in Alias
  • Fix Python3.9 conflicting issue with VRED libraries
  • Fix listening for Alias events
  • Fix data validation performance
  • Specify all dependencies for data validation rule
  • Fix saving the context for Alias stage
  • BG Publish - CATPart file is not exported properly

tk-vred to v3.0.0

  • VRED Presenter is not showing the panel
  • VRED “Begin file versioning” publish plugin fails in the accept() method
  • Can not publish from VRED with basic config

tk-shotgun-launchvredreview to v1.1.4

  • Fix for VRED Presenter 2024

tk-multi-publish2 to v2.6.7

  • Address Python 3.10 deprecation in collections
  • Prevent AttributeError when a path is missing
  • Check hidden tree items in Publish dialog
  • Add the ability to specify a thumbnail when publishing using the API

tk-framework-adminui to v0.7.3

  • Fix when the new storage path field does not show.

tk-core to v0.20.22

  • Add logging and retries for URLError
  • Remove six.ensure_str to formatter function
  • Update SSO domain env var
  • Update outdated third-party
  • Bump setuptools from 36.0.1 to 65.5.1 in /tests/python
  • Bump certifi from 2020.06.20 to 2022.12.7 in /python/tank_vendor/shotgun_api3/lib
  • Fix Memory Growth Issue (Thanks to @blambright)
  • Fix: utf-8 in pickle dumps (Thanks to @zavinator)
  • Fix code style validation issue
  • Fix the issue introduced in tk-core v0.20.21 happening on Windows where the login confirmation dialog is hidden behind the new SG Desktop login dialog.
  • General Updates. Bump dependencies version. Community contributions.

tk-desktop to v2.6.9

  • Fixes the ‘osutils’ ImportError generated at startup in the tk-desktop engine, which prevented the SG Desktop icon from being displayed in the Dock on MacOS, also introduces the new environment variable ‘SGTK_PROJ_THUMB_OLD’ to define how we want to display the project thumbnails (cropped or letterbox).

tk-framework-shotgunutils to v5.8.6

  • Fix user settings to handle QByteArray values. Formalize the deprecation of Python 2.6 support in toolkit.

tk-maya to v0.11.6

  • Prevent AttributeError when path is missing