Krita - Shotgun Toolkit Engine Released

Hey Shotgun Community,

I’ve just released another of my toolkit engines, this time for the open source painting program Krita.


I have only have the chance to test it properly in Windows 10, with recent versions of Krita (4.2+). Linux and Mac users, I’ve done my best to guess where the location of the installed app and script folder are, but might required some tweaks.

Also, typical disclaimer that the engine has not been tested in production (or by anyone else yet), so feedback is very much welcomed and ever better contributions to the git repo.

All hooks for all default tk-apps are included, make sure you modify/tweak the hooks to fit your pipelines/workflows requirements.

Since this is the first python3-ready engine I’ve worked on (note that you do not need python3 installed on your computer, Krita includes it), keep an eye on possible bugs.

As I tend to do with other engines and to make things easier to setup, I’ve included a ‘config’ folder in the repository where you will be able to find the changes to add to your tk-config-default2 environment config yml files, templates, engine_locations.yml , etc… Take a look at the README for a few more details on tk-apps workflows and implementation details.

If you are more into development, this time I’ve included a section in the README where I explain the challenges and solutions that I had to overcome to develop this engine, in case you find it informative.

Hope someone finds it useful!

  • Diego


Once again thanks @Diego_Garcia_Huerta!

I’ll post this to our ecosystem team and see if we can include it on our community integrations page.



Hi @Diego_Garcia_Huerta,
It’s amazing. Thank you very much!
Kind regards


Diego, you’re on fire! :fire:

Thanks so much for yet another awesome integration.

I’ve added it to our community shared integrations page:


:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:Wow, @Diego_Garcia_Huerta!:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Thanks everyone, very much appreciated.

If anyone get’s the chance to set it up in Linux/Mac , please contact me because I’m pretty sure there is no way I made it worked by guessing.

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@Diego_Garcia_Huerta like everyone else has said, your contributions have been amazing!

One thing, I noticed in your screenshot that the Shotgun app header bar formatting was a bit wonky. We saw this happen in Nuke as well, and recently released an updated core, that fixed it there, I was curious to know if it fixed it here as well?

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The good news is that it fixes it (although I think I might have lost lost the “DEV” reference in blue that used to show up when using a path descriptor)

The bad news for me is that because of the following changes, I have to patch further PyQt5, which I totally do not mind, but you might find you have broken a few other engines in the wild out there if __version_info__ is not defined in whatever version/flavour of PySide/PyQt is used with the PySide2Patcher class.

I will put a new version out there with the fix for tk-krita tonight and will try to check other engines when I have a the time.


@Diego_Garcia_Huerta, we were looking into your missing blue “DEV” indicator and haven’t been able to reproduce that behavior here. Are you sure you were using a dev descriptor when you took that most recent screenshot? Thanks! =)

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@tannaz, sorry for the confusion, I can see the DEV label in blue for tk-apps that have a ‘dev’ descriptor. (and correct position in latest version of tk-core)

I think the confusion came from having the tk-krita engine descriptor as ‘dev’, but obviously that does not mean all the tk-apps should show up as ‘dev’ at all.

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OK, @Diego_Garcia_Huerta, so just to be sure: is there anything you need us to look into as far as the blue DEV indicator?

(In addition to the __version_info__ issue – I’ll be sure to run that by the engineering team)

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Nothing else that I could see, thanks for checking it out on your side @tannaz!