"Shotgun" deactivated one of my users

For some reason one of my users was deactivated yesterday. Another admin was able to go back in and reactivate them but I’d really like to know why it happened in the first place. The event log doesn’t even tell me who did it. Anyone have a clue as to what might have happened?

Hi @arcsecond

What was the event type ? Your screenshot does not show.

If it was CrossSiteService_Disabling_HumanUser, then one possibility is that someone removed the license assignment of ShotGrid from that user in manage.autodesk.com

Users who are removed their ShotGrid assignment will be disabled automatically on the sites where they are active, as a security measure.

One other cause of this : if a ShotGrid admin quickly toggles a user from Active → Inactive → Active. In that case, there is a potential race-condition where the event triggered at user de-activation is only processed by the ShotGrid site only after the user has been re-enabled. Thus de-activating them.


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Both were the “Shotgun_HumanUser_Change” type events. In addition the first event was at 4.47p and the re-enabling was at 5.54p. So about an hour between them. Does this sound like the race condition described?


Hi @arcsecond

This is an example of the situation I am talking about, the race-condition:

You see anonymous user 1672 was first disabled, and then very quickly re-enabled, by me in events 558,595 and 558,596

But then, you see the Shotgun_HumanUser_Change event 558,597, which disables the user 1672. That event is triggered from the Cross Site Service event mentioned in 558,598 (the code that receives the disable event first disables the user and then record its action in the event log, thus the seemingly out-of-order sequence)

So in your case, look for an event of type CrossSiteService Disabling_HumanUser just after the event without a Who field that disables your user.

As for wether your situation is related to the quick on-off-on again race condition, your log should help.

But the key part here is : if you see a CrossSiteService_* event, it means that an event was generated either by your site, another site in the same team, or from the manage.autodesk.com system (when a user is removed a ShotGrid assignment).

Hoping this helps,


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