ShotGrid Support Update

I resonate with all your clear illustrations of how bad support has become for ShotGrid unfortunately. It used to be incredibly good, in depth, fast when it was still Shotgun. From the outside it seems like the move to Autodesk Support wasn’t planned out, staffed etc. So it might take a while to hear back on this thread too


15 days since I reached out, and no response. I had hoped my detailed breakdown of where the proposed ticket system fails to meet user expectations would have elicited some kind of acknowledgement. The lack of response is somewhat concerning.

First, we’d like to sincerely apologize for the delay in reaching out to the community and this thread. We’ve been incredibly busy with the migration process taking place and we know that’s having an impact on our responsiveness. Again, our most sincere apologies.

@Ricardo_Musch & @Patrick, this is the kind of feedback we want to hear about. We are moving towards a consistent experience with our other Media and Entertainment solutions and yes, there’s always room for improvement. We really do appreciate the feedback.

@jcollier & @scottballard, you’re bringing up some great points and concerns as well. We hope you understand we’re doing everything we possibly can to help the current backlog situation and have a plan in place to address this from multiple angles. One of our highest priorities is ensuring we have the talent and numbers to support our ShotGrid users.

@ABuller thanks for the response. The best way to earn back the trust of customers is to deliver. Looking forward to brighter days on these matters. Until then, how do we push critical show stopping issue up the flag pole? I am currently sitting on an issue where our Webhook services appears to be down for 12 hours. This is impacting our productions and many users. It would be nice to get some visibility as to how ADSK plans to triage these events with limited resources.

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Hey @Romey, I completely agree. We’re working on improving some internal processes and also now have a dedicated resource that’s performing queue management and triage. They’ll be going through the queue and checking in on such cases and working with internal assets to get things looked into as quickly as possible. We’re still actively hiring and targeting candidates with industry experience so that we get You (the community) the best people on these cases.

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This seemed like maybe the best place to post this question:

We’ve heard that the Zendesk site with nearly all of our Shotgun support conversations will be offline and inaccessible to us by the end of this month. Has anyone found a way to pull out the data from their support conversations?

I’d love to keep them locally for reference. There were some really great discussions with knowledgeable staff that are no longer at Autodesk that I’d hate to lose that history.



Same here, I have years of useful info in my support accounts.
Ideally these would remain available on the new system, or failing that, being able to download them would be appreciated.

@Jmalan I’m kicking the tires on the new support site and am having trouble locating where I can see my open support issues and their status. Can you (or anyone else on the thread who may have found it already) walk us through where to access this information?

Hi @brandon.foster. Check How to find my support cases with Autodesk Technical Support?. I hope this helps.

Thanks, @ABuller. That does the trick. I’ll bookmark it :).

How do users find that naturally on the support site? When I searched I get a bunch of results which have nothing to do with support:

Turns out I just needed to persevere and go to the next page of results to find the link to your support article (that’s my bad).

I just spent all morning trying to get a new user activated on our shotgun. The genius accountant that came up with this new licensing scheme and support should be fired. The old way was so much easier, robust, and client friendly. As is typical with Autodesk - they have taken yet another software, fired all the support people, stopped development and jacked the pricing. Totally not cool.


What steps did you go through?

Because I have seen some people do it all through the Autodesk ID UI and then again through the SG UI.

For me the following works quite well:

  1. If you need to add or reduce seats, login to Autodesk ID and go to subscriptions
  2. Add/reduce your seats (prices for adding seats are prorated as long as you add on the same subscription)
  3. in Sg activate your user

Don’t add new subscriptions for each user, just get as many yearly/three yearly licenses you think you need as 1 subscription, and buy 1 more subscription as monthly seats for your freelancers etc… you can then easily add/reduce that one to match needs.

It’s 1 extra step indeed but I haven’t found this to be hugely complex myself.
But I don’t know your use case so you may be running into other issues.

When you need a support page to explain how to find your support tickets, I think it’s safe to say there’s a UX fail occurring. :rofl:

Just to be explicit about how odd the user experience is here… as a user looking for support, I browse to Autodesk’s support site, lodge a new ticket, and I am left with no link to the ticket, just an ID. I have to actually search for a support site article explaining where my tickets live and browse to a totally different URL/sub-domain to find the ticket I created(It turns out they live under “” rather than “Support and learning | Autodesk Knowledge Network”). It really is baffling…

I was pleasantly surprised to see that when submitting a ticket there is an option to raise a call with support, but when clicking that link, the page failed to load… so I don’t know if this is a broken service or simply a dead link.

Refreshing that broken page breaks the proxy

Afte retrying a few times I managed to get the “schedule a call” page to show up. I guess there’s a problem with your load balancer or reverse-proxy.
It looks like there are zero slots available anyway.

Is this system actually working yet or is it simply over-subscribed?

If there are no slots available, can you make it so you automatically get a slot assigned when an agent gets a free slot?

I would be really excited by the ability to talk any problems through with a SG support agent rather than having to communicate only via the ticketing system.

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I know this thread is a little old now, but I’m just adding my experience of the new “support” system.

<Brace for rant>

I submitted a ticket about a technical issue to be told 3 working days later (5 actual days) that it’s gone through to the Registration team rather than the technical team. This is baffling when during the wonderful multi-click experience of going though the Post Purchase Support>Help using my software>etc that Help using my software isn’t being categorising cases as Technical Support.

Further to that when attempting to reply to the ticket explaining my confusion I attached an image to illustrate that the current UI doesn’t clearly indicate how to raise technical issues. However on clicking submit to update the case with my questions and attachment I got an error message saying I don’t have permissions to attach things and the entire reply that I’d created was lost.

Historically the Shotgun support team were excellent. I’m sad to say the ShotGird support seems like a pale imitation of it’s former self. :cry:


I’ve been using Shotgun/Shotgrid for years. I used to be able to email a human back and forth and quickly resolve issues, it was amazing! Now I’m stuck waiting a week, and just… crickets. I used to sing Shotgun’s praises and recommend it to every studio. What the heck is happening? I miss the old support set up. :frowning:


Hi SG community! I just made a new post about this, but wanted to also follow up here given that the topic is closely related. Check it out here: New - Critical Case Routing


@ABuller or @Jordan.Giboney are either of you still on this active on this forum?
Can I put a request in that Autodesk put visibility on the front page of who are the current support staff on this forum? There are so many ex-street-team or ex-employee SG support posters, that it’s impossible to know who we can ping for support here. I’ve had to resort to stalking people on LinkedIn to see if they are still in the product support role at AD :ninja:

It would be great to have a single page that shows us who the support team is, what their expertise is (eg games/film/production) and the organisation structure… and for this page to be kept up to date.

Thanks again


I dont know if this is because I started using SG before the support changes, but for me the first result when I google “Shotgrid support”, the first is result is the old Zendesk site. This just feels odd when that site hasn’t been in use for a year now.