Migration. How to buy seats

Hi, folks!

We are struggling hard with the migration. The docs and support tell me to buy seats for my crew. But HOW? The URL the support sends me (Autodesk Plans | Plans for Product Subscriptions | Autodesk) ends up on https://www.shotgridsoftware.com/pricing/.

Please someone. Help me! I’m going crazy!!!

Hi @dietmar.kreider

What about this link: https://www.autodesk.ca/en/products/shotgrid/overview?term=1-YEAR


At the end this was the place to buy them. Shotgrid support was pointing me to a dead URL. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hi @dietmar.kreider

Just to avoid the issue for others… when you say ShotGrid support, was that from a ZenDesk or Autodesk support ticket, or from one of our web page ?

And on the plans page, what did you click on exactly to get to the dead page ?

I’d really like to fix this.

Thanks !


ShotGrid support → Shotgun Support

Copy - paste from my ticket:
The information at Autodesk Plans | Plans for Product Subscriptions | Autodesk does not help at all. For example:

  1. After opening the URL mentioned above I get an overview of all Autodesk plans, like Standard, Premium, etc.
  2. After selecting the plan, the website wants me to choose a product, like Autocad, Inventor and so on
  3. After scrolling to the latest available product - Shotgrid, there is a button appearing, when you hover over it with a mouse, that says - “See pricing”.
  4. Clicking it sends me to a 404 Page at shotgunsoftware.com - https://www.shotgridsoftware.com/pricing/

A small update for the text above. Sometimes the site is not a 404 but a regular old SG-Site listing the Awesome & SuperAwesome plans.
Right now it’s a 404 page.

Ah ! I did not realize that you had created a ticket. Thanks for that and the additional infos !


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