Delay in getting new seats

Hi, over two hours ago I bought two more seats for our ShotGrid and I am still not given the confirmation. I was sent the confirmation that my money has been gladly accepted, but no service has been given in return.

What is one to expect here? We often have situations where we get freelancers onto a show quickly to help out. So far those two freelancers are twiddling their thumbs as they still don’t have SG access.
What’s going on? Surely this is an automated process??

4 hours and still nothing…

Took over 5 hours in the end. Can I send the invoice for two freelancer days to Autodesk?

Did you check the people page on your SG site?

For me it usually reflects the new seat count within 5 minutes.

I did but it didn’t show me the new seats until after I received the confirmation after 5 hours