ShotGrid Desktop Fedora 35 Web login blank window

I have a problem logging into the Shotgrid desktop app. When I click “Sign In” button I get redirected to Web Login page, it is blank though. Strangely, the same happens with Maya, difference is that I can still interact with maya (ctrl s and ctrl o works and after opening a file it is working correctly). I tried just typing the credentials but no luck. I have seen similar issue here but the workaround was for MacOS, how can I fix this in Linux?

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Hello vandam!

Recently I found my self figthing with the same issuse on fedora 36, and after reading some of the responses for mac here on the forum and doing a little bit of googling i found a fix!.

I open Shotgrid Desktop from console like this:


so, before that, just run this command:

export QTWEBENGINE_CHROMIUM_FLAGS="--no-sandbox"

and thats it, the login window will show up the login page.

hope it works.