Blank white screen when trying to “Sign in using the Web.” in Shotgun desktop Win 11

I’ve used the same topic name as an older topic because my issue is the same with one difference. My problem is on Windows 11, so none of the solutions suggested in the previous topic help.

When I try to launch Shotgrid Desktop the standard ShotGrid Login dialog pops up. Once I’ve clicked “sign in” however, this is all the further it ever goes.


I’ve tried uninstalling SG Desktop, downloading the newest version and installing. I’ve turned of GPU acceleration in the System settings (as implied by the Mac version of this problem) but no luck.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I was able to solve this problem by going to

"C:\Program Files\Shotgun\Shotgun.exe"

Right clicked and selected “Show more options”
and selected “Troubleshoot compatibility”


I selected “Try recommended settings” in the troubleshooter


And when the troubleshooter was done I tested the settings and made sure to select
“save these settings”


Now my Shotgrid Desktop application seems to operate as expected.