SG Create crashes while uploading media

Hi there, one of our outside vendors isn’t able to upload any of their previs playblasts using SG Create. The app crashes when they hit Send for Review. They sent me a screen recording of the process I can share. They have tried on Windows and Mac workstations. They are using version 2022.3.5

You’d probbaly want to get their log files to backtrace what is happening.

I zipped and attached the log files. Anyone familiar with these errors? Thanks. (176.5 KB)

I’ve never seen those logs.
Would be better to get their tk-desktop2.log file from the ShotGrid log folder from my link above.

I did have a quick look in the files you attached and can see various lines talking about memory resources being at 100% and lines like VM - pmap_enter failed with resource shortage

Which usually means memory allocation errors → They ran out of Memory.

The log is from an 8GB M1 Mac so its likely its just ran out of memory.
These devices share RAM with the graphics chip so they will easily run out.

Thanks for checking on that, I’ll dig into it more. Cheers!

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