Screening Room viewing source files

Is it possible to view the uploaded file rather than the SG proxy in Screening Room if you are working remotely? I’m getting a “Version XXX has no local media” error message when I open the version in Screening Room for RV, but there is a source file listed in “uploaded movie” field for this version, and I have tried downloading it to my local computer as well.
Thank you for your time!


Hi @Rebecca_Bowen! There’s no way to open the file from the Uploaded Movie field directly in Screening Room for RV, but you should be able to download that file and open it in a separate RV session. SR for RV will show the local media (found via the Path to Frames or Path to Movie field), or stream the transcoded media associated with that Version in Shotgun.

For a remote workflow, if you can mirror the filepath shown in the Path to Frames or Path to Movie field on your local machine, and sync the hi-res media to that location (or save it there manually), then you should be able to open that file via SR for RV. Not sure if that’s possible or realistic in your case, but might be the path of least resistance.

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Thanks for the speedy reply, Tommy! If I open it directly in RV, is there a way to push notes/annotations back to the version in SG?


Hi, Tommy –

I did copy the path for my downloaded source file to the “path to movie” field but SR isn’t seeing that I have local media. Is there a specific format for the path? I used: “C:\Users\rebecca\Downloads\”


Hi @Rebecca_Bowen,

As Tommy said, you need to mirror the filepath shown in the Path to Frames or Path to Movie field on your local machine. Does the path :C:\Users\rebecca\Downloads\ exactly matches that one in the Path to Frames or Path to Movie field ?

Once you have the mirrored path as well as highres media on your local machine, you could use Play in RV option to load the version and play its highres local media. This way, you could push notes/annotations back to SG web as you always do.

There is no way to push notes/annotations if you open up the local highres media directly from the folder in RV, without SG context.


Hi, Ben –

The Path to Movie field is empty, so I pasted in the path myself. How is the Path to Movie/Path to Frames field supposed to be populated? Thanks!


Hey Rebecca - if you submit the Version from the Submit Tool in :shotgun: Create, or in Screening Room for :rv:, it should populate the Path to Movie field with the local path to where the movie lives when you submit it.

Here is some more info on submitting through RV or the Web app.

And here is some guidance on submitting in SG Create, if you are using that tool.

Hope that helps!


Thanks, Tommy. I’ll have to talk with our programmers as they’ve developed their own publishing tools and I think that’s why we aren’t seeing the fields populate!