Media is lowres

So I know the medias displayed in the media section are downRes/compressed version of the uploaded one.

But how can we load the original media ?

I try to find it and I only found the “Uploaded movie” column in the versions on the linked asset. But It’s still a compressed video of the original. How someone can view to top quality?

Hi Scote,

The most straightforward way to access the original movie is to have it on a network share and have that network path in the “path to movie” field on the version entity. Then when you use RV or SG Create they have options to load the transcoded lower res movie, the original movie or the frames if you have them (path to frames).

But yes, you are right the Uploaded Movie field does point to a file that IS your original movie. I’m not 100% sure why you cannot more easily access this if SG is going to bother uploading it to the cloud anyway. The best answer I got is that it uploads the movie and then transcoded it AFTER that upload. But there is no way I know of to access the original uploaded movie off the site via RV or SG Create. You can however Download that file entity and get a copy of the original file on your local machine for viewing. Seems convoluted but there you have it. Obviously, downloading it makes it just a local file and breaks any connection to the SG database in regard to annotations, notes and so forth.

To summarize, if you want to be able to see your original high-res movie, make sure you store it on a network drive that you and colleagues can access. Make sure your tools enforce that network path on the “path the movie” on the version. Then you can right click and “view in RV” or you can simply browse in RV and make sure the RV settings under it’s Shorgrid menu are loading that movie.

I can also say I don’t know of any way for one to load the original movie or frames in the web player.