Understanding Path to Movie in different environments

Hello! I’m using the API to add source footage location to the Path_To_Movie field for versions.

Ideally I’d like my users to click on path to movie (to open in RV, or to open in file explorer / finder whether they are in Windows or OSX )and it’ll translate path properly to network share.

i.e. /Volumes/share/etc vs X:*share*\etc

Is this the same as linking local files? If not, how can I take advantage of linking local files for a similar workflow? I think I may just be confused on the nomenclature. Thanks!

Enable linking to local files

This option allows users to point to files or folders on a shared file system instead of uploading them. Other users with access to that file system can then click to immediately open that file or jump to the folder in their finder / explorer. Create one or more storage configurations, which includes the base paths for all the operating systems you want to support. Read more about how this works.


Thanks for the question! The “Path to Movie” and “Path to Frames” fields are just simple text fields. So from the web UI at least, there is no automatic OS path translation happening.

If you’re using Screening Room in RV, however, some path conversion is done there via path swapping:

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Ah, that’s great and solves my problem for RV. I’ll keep populating Path_To_Movie as I am and fix environmental variables with RV.

Is there a better field to populate with local file linking, so proper path is displayed in Shotgun in Web Browser as well? Only use case is a user copying file path to browser to check something off a SAN. Not a deal breaker though. Thanks for your help.


For a field with local file linking to work on the Version record you’d need to make a custom File/Link type field and then populate it as an added step after the Version is created.

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