Scene breakdown tracking files from different local storages


Am I correct in assuming that the Scene Breakdown app is not currently able to track loaded published files with local storages different to the default Project local storage? At our studio, we use a different storage for cache files under L:, while other project files are under M: drive. This is also reflected in the PublishedFile entities themselves, alembic cache publishes having their “Path Cache Storage” field set to a local storage that points to the L: drive, instead of the default M: drive.

At the moment, I cannot get the breakdown app to detect the following published file I’ve loaded in Nuke: ‘L:\shows\test\sequences\999-999\999-999-999\3D\publish\cameras\’

However, it does detect the publish if it were saved under the default drive:

Is there no support for scene breakdown to track multiple storage publishes and if so - what’s the best way to go about modifying the breakdown hooks so that it does track publishes on different drives.

Any advice is much appreciated, thanks!

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It can work if the other storage root is defined in Shotgun. E.g. M: can be the default, but L: can be called caches or something similar under storage roots.

Files under this additional storage have to match templates, and be defined in the folder schema.

It should work, but everything has to be explicitly configured. There is some explanation here

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@mmoshev thank you for the suggestion, I had not seen that article before. I do have the local storages defined in our site preferences, but other than the primary storage - they’re not present in the roots.yml that was created during the advanced project configuration.

I’ll test this approach, but I have an additional question stemming from this. If I understand correctly, I need to modify the roots.yml file manually, adding the secondary storage ID and paths. However the roots file itself warns against this:

# This file was auto generated by the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit.
# Please do not modify by hand as it may be overwritten at any point.

So is it actually safe to edit the file and add it to git source control, since it’s something that’s auto-generated and edited by SG toolkit?

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I think it is safe to edit, but not entirely sure. We keep ours in git, also. Never had to change it, though.

Normally, this file is generated by toolkit on project setup, where roots are entered in the wizard, defaulting to whatever is defined in Shotgun Site Preferences (as per the article).
I believe after that you can do whatever with it.