Toolkit used between Central and Local drives

Hi, I am wondering if there exists a workaround using symlinks or something, where I want the central repo storage to be used to store all published files, and the artists who are in remote locations - open the file from central repo and download to their local drives, Work and iterate, and when ready to publish the files along with cache,textures get uploaded to central repo which is available to all.

I have tried adding one more location in Site Preferences labelled ‘local’,

added new entry in roots.yml (had to give a random shotgun_storage_id)
created a new file local.yml in schema>project folder
in templates.yml for maya_shot_work:, I added entry root_name: ‘local’

But, when I try to create a New File from Toolkit File Open in Maya, it gives the error:
Cannot resolve template fields for context ‘FX, Shot seq001_sh001’ - the following keys could not be resolved: ‘Step, Shot’. Please run the folder creation for ‘’ and try again!

Please let know what should be the way … Thanks
Hope it made some sense :slight_smile:

We have a local storage for some projects.

I think your schema and/or templates are not correct. local is not a single yml file, but also an entire directory structure, which describes how the folders will be created under the corresponding storage. There is a guide somewhere in the ShotGrid documentation.

Did you try creating the folders?

./tank.bat Task "@5829" folders
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