How do I override the local storage roots from my local config, and NOT the site prefs?

I’m trying to customize local storage roots from my local config/core/roots.yml and It is not working the way I thought it would.

The site preferences under User Menu / Site preferences / File Management is left empty
(I don’t want the web page settings to drive this)

under User Menu / Default Layouts / Pipeline configuration I have a local config added
sgtk:descriptor:path?windows_path=<my local drive>\shotgrid\sgtk

In <my local drive>\shotgrid\sgtk\core\roots.yml
I have a specified a local root drive

when I launch shotgun desktop, selecting this configuration, It fails to use the settings in that roots.yml
contains blank null values, I guess from the site prefs?

How do I override the local storage roots from my local config?

A day of messing with this stuff and a different error

My testing seems to indicate that any difference between my dev config roots.yml and the explicitly set path under User Menu / Site preferences / File Management will cause an error.

What is the purpose of roots.yml if changing it breaks SG?

What am I not understanding here?

Hi Logan,

if you have multiple projects with different pipeline installations the roots.yml tells toolkit which of the site roots are important for the current project and it will use those to generate paths via templates.

The site prefs may contain a whole lot more mapped paths that a project can use.

I think this design is something that stems from ShotGrid’s history as with the advent of Cloud computing and remote working I would like to see this updated to become more flexible and customizable.

As I have seen your other posts about perforce usage I think it would be good if you could tell us the backstory of why you are using perforce for a normal shot structure and if you had looked at other ways to accomplish this.

While perforce is handy for game development I personally don’t see it being very usefull for a traditional VFX structure if the rest of your systems are designed well.

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Thanks for the reply.

Some background:
Our studio is in the process of evaluating SG for asset tracking in our game pipeline. The game project existed before SG came along, and the directory structure is fairly fixed. We use perforce for both the source art files (Maya files, Zbrush, Substance) as well as the export game data. The source and export assets live in separate but parallel (mirrored) perforce depots, and much of our game asset modeling, rigging and export pipeline rely on this structure. We are definitely NOT using perforce for a "traditional VFX structure "

The utility of SG for us depends on how much we are able to hammer the schema into our existing structure.

The first hurdle is Shotgun’s requirement for a fixed, hard coded root directory across all workstations, but there are ways around it with symlinks etc.

The second hurdle is the delta between SG’s “traditional VFX structure” schema and what we are using. I’m currently delving into the schema stuff.

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Sorry for the delay Logan, I think there are definitely ways around this, Sg is pretty customisable, also in Toolkit (there is the zero-config base that does not use/require filesystem locations).

Thanks for replying.

How can I set this up? it may be the fastest route to usability

You can set it up by downloading the base config zip and then use the development methods/tools to change, edit and extend the features you need.