[Resolved] Unable to update my installed pipeline configuration


I am writing a new topic regarding this cause I was unable to find out a solution for my issue through the community posts.

I am new on using Shotgrid Toolkit and my goal is to test it to figure out if it could fit our needs. Then I maybe misunderstand some usages and concepts regarding it.

My needs for now are to be able to use differents roots for my config. I follows all the recommendation on this page:

So I modified the roots.yml file. And I assume I have properly set up my schema since I have no error when using SG Desktop.

On my Shotgrid’s Pipeline Configuration page I have setup the descriptor field as:
I also take care to remove all the os path and filled up the plugin id field. I do not have uploaded configuration anymore.

When I use the python console through the desktop and do try:


I do not have the correct informations.

On my understanding this is due because of the file roots.yml located in my local %APPDATA% folder is not up to date.

What I want to achieve is to update my configuration located here:

Is there a way to properly update those file when doing some devs tests like this ?
Thanks a lot !


I succeed to figure it out thank to this topic: Distributing your pipeline configuration to users working from home

On my understanding when I tried the config the first time everything was setup for a centralized config. After doing some tweaks I moved to a decentralized config but I forgot to copy and paste the following files in my config:

  • install_location.yml
  • interpreter_Darwin.cfg
  • interpreter_Linux.cfg
  • interpreter_Windows.cfg
  • pipeline_configuration.yml
  • shotgun.yml

The only remaining file store in the folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Shotgun\<shotgrid_site>\p<pid>c<cid>.basic.desktop\cfg\config\core is the roots.yml which came with the tk-default-config2

After copying those files to my config folder store in D:\Shotgrid\configs\tests_shotgun\dev_test\core I succeed to properly update the copy of the config files located in the %APPDATA%.

I want to share this if anyone need it at some point.
Cheers !