Pipeline configuration with shotgrid descriptor to uploaded config

Hey everyone,

I am having trouble to get a pipeline configuration running which uses a shotgrid file descriptor that points to the uploaded config.

I did the following setup.

I created a new pipeline configuration for my project. I uploaded a zip file of my pipeline config to the uploaded_config field:

In the windows path field, I put in the shotgrid file descriptor following the documentation on:

which results in:


version=40300 is the id of the uploaded config zip file as you can see here:


If I switch to the above config in the shotgrid desktop app, I get an error that the descriptor does not point at a valid bundle on disk.

I can find these additional logging entries in the console:

2023-02-02 15:07:47,980 [   DEBUG] Found a pipeline configuration to load in ShotGrid, picking {'id': 641, 'type': 'PipelineConfiguration', 'name': 'Unreal', 'project': {'id': 785, 'name': 'Example', 'type': 'Project'}, 'descriptor': >, 'descriptor_source_uri': None}.
2023-02-02 15:07:47,982 [   DEBUG] Downloading sgtk:descriptor:path?linux_path=None&mac_path=None&windows_path=sgtk:descriptor:shotgun%3Fentity_type%3DPipelineConfiguration%26id%3D641%26field%3Duploaded_config%26version%3D40300 to the local Toolkit install location...

It seems to get stuck at downloading the config…

Anyone any idea whats going on or what I am missing?

All the best

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I found out I have to use the Descriptor field instead of the Windows Path field in my pipeline configuration entry.

I updatet it.

After that the pipeline configuration didn’t show up in the shotgrid desktop app at all.

Only after i put in basic.* in the plugin ids field it showed up again and could succesfully download.

Can somebody explain why I have to put in basic.* there? @philip.scadding maybe? I saw you wrote about this in other posts?

Its the default plugin id for all the toolkit apps.
Not sure what advanced would be but basic.* is always needed.

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Hey Ricardo,

thanks for your answer. Can you explain a little more why this value is needed and what it controls? It’s not really pointed out anywhere in the documentation and seems to be quite essential if the shotgrid desktop app refuses to even show the pipeline configuration if this is not set.

I think it’s a remnant from something legacy.
I only know it’s needed. :sweat_smile:

Hello @paulgolter @Ricardo_Musch, basically this “Plugin Ids” field is used to specify the scope where the configuration should be used, these are the related docs about Plugin Ids.
I hope these docs are helpful!


Thank you for sharing this @paulgolter

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