How can i get the config files of ShotGrid

Hello all,
Help how can i access all the config files of shotgrid and how can i centralize them?
what are all the config files of shotgrid,where I can get them?

To view what configuration files are set up for your SG site, head to the dropdown arrow by your profile picture in the top right of the web interface, default layouts > Pipeline Configuration > Pipleine configuration list.

On this page you will see any existing configs. An example of how you’d point to a config on a shared file store location would look something like this:

Config Name : Primary
Plugin ID’s: basic.*
Descriptor: sgtk:descriptor:path?windows_path=[Path to your config]\config-default

Some more info on descriptors here.

The config files are instructions for SG about where to look for things on disk, custom hooks to override and customize functionality of SG apps, etc.

You can find them here on github.

Checkout the getting started docs here for some more info.

The toolkit webinars have also been a great source of information for me. They are a bit lengthy but packed with useful information and tips.

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