Local disk location of a downloaded distributed configuration

I need to customize our art pipeline.
We have a distributed pipeline configuration stored in an uploaded zip file.
I gather that this configuration gets downloaded locally for users.

To modify and test I guess I would modify my local files and test my changes.
Where can I find the local location of a downloaded distributed configuration?

I assume it gets downloaded to C:\Users\user.name\AppData\Roaming\Shotgun
But in there I can’t find some of the python hooks I wish to customize, like before_app_launch.py
So I must be missing something here…where does that zip file end up on my machine?

I wouldn’t work with cached configs, any changes might get nuked if SG re-caches it.
I’d make a local copy of your pipeline config and setup a “dev” pipeline config with a descriptor pointing at your local pipeline config.

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so bundles cached in C:\Users\user.name\AppData\Roaming\Shotgun can be stomped on by SG at any time.

All the descriptor examples I have seen point to git hub repos
I had not realized it was possible for a descriptor to point to my my local drive.
can just put c:\path\to\the\downloaded\zip\file or does the descriptor use a different syntax?

You can use a descriptor to point to local files representing the distributed config.
A descriptor for a Pipeline Configuration would look like this:


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excellent info, thank you. Is there documentation for this descriptor sytax?

Yup, here you go!


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by using a descriptor does that mean I should avoid populating the windows /unix /macos path field?


also make sure to populate the plugins id field with basic.* to make sure all apps load correctly

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