Where to find where projects / publishes / work files are actually stored?

I’ve located the shotgrid root folder that has the templates for what the folder structures should look like <shotgrid_root_location>/config/core/schema, but im trying to find out where these folders on disk for the actual project files created are, and where that variable is set.

inside site management in shotgrid web i can see the File Management tab where it lists my shotgrid root location, but this just seems to be where the configurations are, not the actual project files.

I’m not exactly sure I understand your question.

There are two places in the config where folder structures are defined (and they work together).

templates.yml and the schema folder.

On ShotGrid under Site Settings → File Management is where you can define storage roots which will be used by the configuration.

A very basic config would be to define a Primary storage, fill in the pathsfor your OS/OS’s and set those to the root of your Projects Folder.
The config will use that Primary Local Storage as a base for the folder structure.

Thanks for the response!

I guess to clarify, when I make edits to the templates.yml and schema folder, it seems to just be designating how the actual project files will be set up, rather than being the location where the project files are actually stored.

What you’re saying about defining a primary storage seems to be what I’m referring to I think. Is that just the File Management tab in the site preferences? or is that defined elsewhere?

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Yes File Management Tab, and then there is also the roots.yml file that usually contains a reference to the Storage Roots set up in ShotGrid Site Preferences.