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Hi Guys,
We are migrating over to Shotgrid and getting our heads around the ins and outs to really get the most out of the platform. One I am however confronted with a prior studio server set up that means our folder hierarchy isn’t all in a ‘project’ folder as in all the examples used for the tk. As such I am wondering is it possible all be it with some trickery to have a more complicated set up across multiple drive locations? For example, our assets live in drive A:/ and our pre post content lives in B:/ and our final work that is ready to client deliver is stored in C:/ as apposed to all in A:/ and stepped down through the folders.

Hope this makes sense and sorry if it’s already answered but I was unable to find any clear answers to this dilemma already.

Hi @inque ,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community!

This should hopefully explain your use-case as it is definitely possible:

Help | How do I modify my configuration to use multiple storage roots? | Autodesk

Let us know if you need additional help, cheers!

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Thanks heaps @rob-aitchison will give this a shot!