Cross project linking of assets with SG Toolkit

I’m excited to see support being added for cross-project assets.

What is the intention of this feature with regards to ShotGrid Toolkit? Different projects can have different configs and schemas, will SG Toolkit apps like the Loader support linked assets in the future?


Hi @Dan_Bradham ,

We are also very excited that this work is now becoming available to everyone!

We have updated the developer doc page to better explain how to configure this for Loader now.

We are preparing another workflow documentation page and will post to this thread as soon as it is available.

As you have flagged, if the Pipeline Configurations differ between Projects, things could get a little gnarly so I want to refer you to another reference page that better explains how we are dealing with Alias reference files and their templates’ including the fallback logic that we use.

Thanks again for the positive feedback and talk to you again soon.


Hello! I just wanted to follow up and add this Toolkit focused doc on cross project asset workflows.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


Thank you both for the resources!

@rob-aitchison am I correct in reading that only the actions specific to the tk-alias engine for the tk-multi-loader2 app follow the logic you linked for “importing as a reference”. Is there a plan to formalize some of that logic and implement it throughout all officially supported engines?

These linked assets have my gears turning! Here’s an idea I just had. In my ideal world the loader app would function as a global asset library. It could start with a filter applied for the current Project but also allow for global asset search. A few things could happen when loading a PublishedFile from an external Project.

  1. The current context’s Project could be added to the Asset’s Linked - Projects field.
  2. Ideally the loaded PublishedFiles should be localized to the current project before being referenced / imported. All files should be moved into an analogous location in the current project.
  3. Finally, this newly localized path could be stored in a field on the PublishedFile called Project - Paths. I’m not sure what field type would be applicable in this case. Maybe it’s a multi-entity File field. Anyway, I’m imagining being able to lookup resolved paths on the PublishedFile for a specific Project. That way they can be easily detected by the breakdown app and anywhere else a project local path might be required.

This would be sweet! It came to mind because I’m not really a fan of loading data not in my current Project’s folder. When archiving our Project’s that would result in a lot of potentially important data not being included.


hello @btasker thank you for the link. While I have been able to make this work, I have found that when I link an Asset from this “asset library” to a Shot, it doesn’t appear in the Shots folder in the loader. I can access it through the asset library or linked-asset tab, I would like to see if I can get it into the shot folder as well.


Hello @dustin ,

For clarity, do you want to see the list of Linked Assets for the specific Shot within the Loader like I tried to show in this screenshot?

I just wanted to confirm that is what you meant?
Please let us know when you can, thanks!

yes, that’s what I’m looking for. If I were to publish to the actual shot and not use the asset library project, then I do see the asset in there

Thanks for confirming @dustin !
That is great re-affirmation as we explore future workflow possibilities.

Together with this thread it helps us prioritize the most important things to invest our time in.

They are both related to Loader so encourage others to continue to chime in here via the community.

Thank you all!