Multi-Project Workflows and Scene Breakdown 2

Hello Shotgun community! I’m from the Autodesk Automotive team and we’ve been working to standardize multi-project workflows within Shotgun Toolkit!

Why are we doing this?
Just like in many feature films, video games or television series, automotive design teams need to re-use already built assets/components across projects. Our customers are using this new capability to build an asset library and to re-use assets across projects.

What’s New?
To improve this workflow, we’ve done 3 things.

1. “Linked Projects” Field

  • In the last few months, we pushed a new field called “linked_projects” on the Asset entity that lets you link Assets to multiple projects. By simply linking one asset to a different project you use the Loader to import or reference these linked assets.

In this example, I use library assets and link them to a destination project

2. Import Linked Assets with the Loader

  • In our key engines of Alias and VRED, we’ve added a tab to the loader to easily import/reference these linked Assets. You can add this same logic to the engines that you use. Here are the Alias and VRED Loader settings for your reference.

3. Tk-multi-breakdown2

  • To support all of this, we’ve built a new “Tech Preview” of the Breakdown app (tk-multi-breakdown2).
  • The Breakdown2 should give you all of the features of the original Breakdown app, but we’ve improved it in a few ways:

See the user docs of Breakdown 2 on GitHub, and the developer docs on the developer shotgun website.

Okay, how can I use all of these new tools?

  • The “linked_project” field should already exist in your site (cloud sites).
  • Reference our Loader2 tab example from Alias or VRED, and apply that to the engines’ your studio uses.
  • Finally, find the tech-preview branch of Breakdown2 on Github.
  • You can also manually add the breakdown2 app it to your config. (Make sure to include the following unreleased dependencies)

What Next?

We want to hear from you! Does this workflow fit for your film, animation or games production? Reply (via this community post) and let us know your feedback!

Don’t hesitate to add any questions or comments.


That’s very good news !

That’s great! It something I asked for a long time!

Do you think there’s an upside of using this workflow for studios that already made custom solutions to make possible to load/publish assets across projects? Currently this workflow works for us, but many concessions were had to be made and a considerable amount of code had to be written.

For example, is this linked field available else where? Shots/Sequences/Custom entities? The big problem with doing last time I looked was that it was impossible to link entities between projects, was this fixed?

Hi! Rob here from the SG team. Can you explain more what you mean when you say “For example, is this linked field available else where? Shots/Sequences/Custom entities?”

Are you talking about sharing Shots or Sequences between projects?

Hello Rob! No, I’m asking about linking Assets from one project to another project’s Shot/Sequence/Custom Entity.

The workflow would be the following:

We have assets A, B and C in the our Asset Library project. I want to link asset A and B to shot_10 and asset C to shot_20 of project Foo. So when an artist opens shot_10 he or she can import asset A and B, but not asset C, since it isn’t linked with that shot. Is that clear?


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This makes total sense. thanks for the clarification. I’m going to have a chat about this idea with a few others on the team and will get back to you!



Great news, was waiting for it!

Are linked assets “pushed” to a show “from” the asset library, or are they “pulled” from the show? Do the asset library line items show up in the show assets list in the web interface, or is this only in the loader apps?

I second vtrvtr’s excellent question. This could be an exciting capability for Shotgun.

Hey everyone, thanks so much for all the feedback and questions. I’ll start by clarifying some things and then move to answer your questions.

First of all, I want to mention this isn’t suppose to be an official asset library. While we built it to perform a bunch of those functions, its still definitely an unofficial way to work, but we are trying to make that better step by step.

To your question @vtrvtr , about support for linking cross project assets with other entities. Honestly, we haven’t gone that deep yet (solely focused on assets as assets for now), but its a great idea and we definitely understand the need. Something we will put in the backlog for sure.

To @m1jackson, your question around a push or pull. I would be hesitant to use those terms for this. Very simply we are looking to share assets via the Loader by creating a link between Assets and Projects. We haven’t done anything fancy other then creating this relationship, enabling the Loader to see it and reference it, and then the breakdown2 to update that reference.

To the second part about seeing these Assets. Something that you may not be aware of is this little button “Disable Standard Page Project Condition”, that removes the overall project filter from a page. This will let you see Assets for a Project where some are Project specific, but others are linked from somewhere else.

Let me know if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

Everyday, I strive to learn something new. Today it was “Disable Stand Page Project Condition” usage. Thanks!


Any news on when It will be available?
I’m getting UI errors with the current version (on Houdini).

Hi @guilhermecasagrandi , just to clarify, are you getting errors with the new Breakdown 2 or the original Scene Breakdown app?


I’ve got Qt errors (as far as I remember) with the new SB2 app, not the old one, which is working fine.
So, about the new one, do you have an ETA for It?

Can you share the error message you are seeing so we can take a look? I don’t think we came across any issues with Houdini on the first pass, but its definitely possible something came up since.

While the app is fairly new, all the latest updates are already released, all be it, our team has been mostly focused on Alias, VRED & Maya.