Scene breakdown tool

I have a publish task that publishes fbx files for game integration on model rig and animation publish. This system has been working great however I noticed that for some reason the scene breakdown tool will not acknowledge any of these referenced fbx files in my scene. It just says no version data in your scene. I know the published fbx files in shotgun have version information and I have made sure there is a template path in my templates file for these fbx files (that’s how I am getting my publish system to work) so I don’t know why the tool just refuses to see them. Besides a version number and a template definition what else is needed for the tool to find these assets?

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Hey Joe! A couple follow-up questions:

  • Can I safely assume that you’re using the Loader to bring the published fbx files into your work file?
  • What DCC/engine are you loading these into?
  • And what load action is happening at load time? Are you referencing them into your scene file? (I know you said reference, but I want to confirm we’re talking about the same thing.) Or are you importing them in – ie, fully baking into the current scene? If it’s not a reference, you won’t be able to update them via Scene Breakdown, as there’s no reference to update.
  • And for good measure (though it shouldn’t make a difference), what DCC/engine are you Publishing from?
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Hey Tannaz thanks for reaching out here.

  • Yes you are correct bringing in published files into my work file (modeling into rigging for example)

  • Maya

  • Yes referencing them in.

  • Published from maya.

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If you can just tell me what are all the things the breakdown system looks for to associate in scene references I am sure I can get this resolved just don’t know all the requirements there.

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WOOHOO I actually figured it out here. Turns out my template for fbx files was wrong. I was mapping to the sg_asset_type but I forgot we made our own field for asset types for our studio and for fbx naming conventions. So once I added that field to the keys and changed my template everything started working.