Scene Breakdown not tracking versions in Nuke


I’m new on the community forum and I’m not sure if this has already been discussed, but I’m trying to use Scene Breakdown in Nuke and I cannot get my loaded images to be tracked in the breakdown app.

I’m using a vanilla Shotgun toolkit installation. In Nuke, I’ve created a work file for a certain task and have published it along with a rendered image. The latter has created a version on Shotgun. Then, create a new work file for a different task in Nuke and use “Load…” to bring in the published image from the version I had previously created via the only available context menu option “Create Read Node”. This loads my render into Nuke as a Read node, but nothing appears in Scene Breakdown.

Is there something wrong with my workflow? Or does Nuke not support tracking versioned files by default? Any advice would be much appreciated!


Just realized what my issue was - my published image file did not match any of the Nuke shot-level path templates defined in core/templates.yml.


Nice catch, @viktor_petrov and thanks for sharing your solution with the community!

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