Scene Breakdown not enough arguments for format string


I’m getting a formatting error when I try to use Scene Breakdown in Nuke:

Here’s my read node file path: /sequences/101-001/101-001-010/3D/publish/elements/3d/main/v025/960x540/101-001-010_main_v025.%04d.exr

And here’s the template it’s based on: ‘@shot_root/publish/elements/3d/{name}/v{version}/{width}x{height}/{Shot}_{name}_v{version}.%04d.{render_extension}’

Any ideas as to why I’m getting formatting issues and/or how to troubleshoot this are much appreciated, thanks!

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Turns out the sgtk template formatting doesn’t like “%04d” padding. Instead of hard-coding it I used the {SEQ} key in my template:


Then in my fields dictionary, before applying them to my template, I set it to:

fields["SEQ"] = "FORMAT: %d"