Scene breakdown hook - version


I’ve tried to implement a hook for scene breakdown to support houdini HDAs.
The problem is that I’ve no {version} token in the path template, because all versions are saved into the single HDA file (in publish hook I’m using same publish_path, but different publish_name and publish_version).
The breakdown hook doesn’t support providing a version in scan_scene function, but the version is always parsed using a path template.
Maybe the hook system for the tk-multi-breakdown could be more robust (for example: moving the get_breakdown_items logic into a base hook).

For now I’m thinking about creating my own copy of the tk-multi-breakdown app or is there any other solution (maybe a hacky override of get_breakdown_items)?


Did you find a way to do this without having to completely take over tk-multi-breakdown?

Nope, it is necessary to create an own fork.
Btw there is also a preview version of tk-multi-breakdown2…

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Thanks for the heads up on tk-multi-breakdown2!