Tk-multi-breakdown - Update publishFiles from a different task/step/department

Hi all,

I am currently trying to extend tk-multi-breakdown to be able to check across templates for the latest version of a publishFile. For example, we have an anim department and a techAnim department. If a lighting artist goes into scene breakdown with an anim publishFile in their scene, I would like tk-multi-breakdown to be able to see that there is a newer techAnim publishFile available. I am wondering if there is a hook I can use to get that information passed along to scene breakdown, similar to the get_version_number hook. So far I haven’t seen anything beyond that hook and the scene_operations hook. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.


JD Arredondo

CCing @nico.vandenbosch


Hey JD!

The breakdown app is very old, and pretty simple in its implementation. There aren’t hooks beyond the ones that you mentioned, and they don’t do exactly what you’re asking. The scene_operation hooks do have a scan_scene method, that runs to scan the current scene file for available references. You could modify this hook to gather the information you’re after, but you’d still need to figure out a way to display it – I don’t think the breakdown app has any hooks that affect what’s displayed in the UI.

If you have a feature request, I’d encourage you to add it to our roadmap page. In this case, I don’t think it’s likely that we’d implement the exact change you’re describing to the Breakdown app, but I think it’s still a good use case for us to consider as we design our future pipeline tools.