getShotgunData - A Nuke node for displaying version info

Hi Guys,

I have released a first version of my nuke node “getShotgunData”.

I had a need for this while creating an automated version render system.
Getting data into nuke text nodes can be a bit of a pain when it all happens on the fly.
This node can be used to pipe that info anywhere into nuke simply by linking to it’s fields with reglar [ value getShotgunData. ] expressions.
It is a great way to create Slate’s and burn ins with the exact data you want, in a visual way.

It’s first version includes standard shotgun fields and custom fields I regularly use to store certain data.
(For example: “slate notes” for regenerating slates with approved notes, “head/tail handles”, “tc notes”, etc.)

How it works
Attach the node to a read node (or any node with a “file” knob) or point the node to a node by adding it’s name in the “source node” knob.
Then press “update”.
It will search Shotgun for a version with path_to_frames matching to the file knob path and display it’s data in the relevant knobs.

You can download the release here:

If you think you have something to add or improve, please do send pull requests! :slight_smile:


Nice work! Thanks for sharing.


Really cool stuff Ricardo! Thanks so much for posting. :beers:

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Hey @Ricardo_Musch, this is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it! Any objections to us pointing to it in our Community Shared Integrations page?

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Go ahead :slight_smile:


Great, it’s there now!