Asset Saved then can not publish

Hi, everyone, I got some problems here to publish some asset in Maya. I know in Maya shotgun menu, the workfile2 can retrieve 2 different environments, one the asset, another is shot.
I’m working fine with the shot environment, but some trouble in the asset steps.
Here are my steps:

  1. Shotgun menu, file open…
  2. Select one asset step, with new file button…
  3. Build some cube and boxes, and “shotgun menu - file save”
  4. After a while, I want to publish it with no change, the shotgun menu has no publish item anymore(but with the shot, everything is ok).

I don’t know what happened, it’s tk-maya? or the workfile2? I can’t figure out the issues, I want to get some help, thanks to everyone here if any ideas given to me. Thanks.

Hi @johnnyzxt,

Thanks for the message - I will pass this along to our Toolkit team who will be returning on Monday. We have a company holiday today so the team is a bit thin. Thanks for your patience!


Hi, @Beth, thanks, I post an email several days ago but has no reply, so I have to put my question here.

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If you have a look, the context extracted from the path only contains project. It should have the Asset as context.entity, and the corresponding task.
This is usually due to the folder schema being wrong, or folder registration in FilesystemLocations being wrong. If all this is correct, then check your templates.

Also check the environment configuration in env/ - you should set up some templates for parsing the work file path.

This might be useful:


thanks, @mmoshev, after I check the template, I found the yaml file is case sensitive in folder paths. My project path contains “Final/Asset/Asset_step”, but my template file was written to “Final/asset/Asset_step”.


Thanks for your support @mmoshev! Much appreciated.

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