Cross Project Linking

Hi Folks,

I’m excited to try out the new cross-project linking released in 8.35! Do we need to do any extra steps to enable it on our site?

I see the “Linked Projects” field, can populate it, but none of the functionality in the explanation video appears to be working. Cannot link parent/sub assets. Cannot link Assets to Shots (they aren’t appearing in autocomplete results).

There’s also no “Turn on cross-project linking” option on detail pages:


Can you also clarify what’s happening under the hood? Does putting an Asset into the “Linked Project” field expose it for linking in any entity link field within the linked Project? If there are dependencies on an Asset from one Project to another, can I expose those Tasks to make them dependent while in the Source or Target Project?

How does this interact with permissions? Would I need to add artists to both Projects? E.g. if I share an Asset from Project A to Project B, can artists in Project B see the Project A Assets which have been shared? Or do I also need to add them to Project A?


Thanks for your interest in this feature, @brandon.foster. Your excitement happened to be in the short window of time between publishing the release notes and activating the feature (due to time zones).

The feature is now active, so you should be able to use this functionality now.

Please let me know if you have any more issues.


Hi @brandon.foster , I can answer some of those questions.

Under the hood, there are 2 simple things happening here.

  • Linking Projects and Assets via the “Linked Projects” linked entity field
  • Enabling you to search across projects by when using an entity field that supports Assets. We do this by including the assets linked to your current project in those auto complete results. (example a Parent or Sub Asset Field or an Asset field on Shots)

For permissions, no fancy work was done here, it works as SG always has. An artist would need to be added to the source project to see or edit any asset. Assuming you are using a project as an Asset Library, that should be an easy example where all users can have access as well.

The improvements here were focused on making an Asset Library more achievable in SG out of the box, and fixing some of the gaps that we ran into, like adding a library asset to a shot, or making it part of parent asset. It may not solve more advanced examples, and some of those advanced examples may get more complicated than you like.



Thanks, Brandon!

What about the Task dependencies? Is that something we’d still need to set up a global page for, or can we see Asset Tasks which have been linked from one project to another?

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If I understand you correctly, I think thats possible. If you go to a standard task page and just add a new filter that

  • Turns off the general project filter using the gear icon in the top right
  • Switch match from “all” to “any”
  • Add back your current project filter
  • Also filter by any tasks that have a Link->Asset-> “Linked Projects” field that is “current project”

Let me know if thats what you were looking for.



Ahh, that was the key. I forgot that standard filter was hidden under the gear menu. This may enable some nice possibilities for us. Thank you!