End user file path resolve

Hello everyone,

Since I am a rebel and decieded to go for linux on my workstation I have a question. Our studio is windows based. Is there a way for me, as end user, to resolve file paths, or is it something that has to be done by admins?
I open SG desktop, enter some project, select project’s drop down menu and pick “Project Filesystem Folder”.
This gives following error:

gio: file:///Volumes/X/project: (Błąd podczas pobierania informacji o pliku, EN: error while gathering file data)„/Volumes/X/project”: (Nie ma takiego pliku ani katalogu, EN: no such file and directory)

I have looked at this:
and tried to use environment variables:

export SHOTGUN_PATH_LINUX = /mnt/myTestDriveForProjects/project/
export SHOTGUN_PATH_WINDOWS = /Volumes/X/project/

but they do not work. This document mentiones these variables are for the loader, can I not use them for anything else? I have also tried the following to see if maybe synthax was wrong:

export SHOTGUN_PATH_WINDOWS = X:/project

still no luck.

Thanks for your input,

Have your Filesystem Locations been setup properly under Site Settings?

The Published Files entity records record the path to a file/sequence as relativeto the Project Tank folder.

Apps like “open in filesystem” use that path field record to generate a OS based path using the Fileystem Locations.