Mutli Root Error Help

Hi Brainstrust,
Following some set up and npw testing my new multi root is throwing the below errors but ive set it all up in the roots folder and templates so im a little lost as to what ive missed. Any advice would be greately appreciated.

Could not create folders on disk. Error reported: The path 'W:\sandbox' could not be split up into a project centric path for any of the storages B:\Shotgrid\projects\core,D:\core,R:\core,Z:\core,K:\core,X:\core,Y:\core,W:\core,B:\core that are associated with this project.

Can you share a screenshot of how your storages are set up in SG?

So the storage is W:\core and not W: or was that just the illustration? It might have to be W:\core\sandbox

Is your root.yml properly configured?

Hi Guys
thanks so much for the reach out, was a few noob errors here haha! However with a bit further research we now have these up and running :slight_smile: