Adding an operating system for existing project

Hi, we are using centralized configs and are adding Linux support for existing projects.
However, there seem to be some difficulties with filesystem configuration.

We already

  • added the corresponding roots to roots.yml
  • added a linux path in the pipeline configuration, install_location.yml, etc.
  • added linux paths for Software entities

Now Shotgun desktop starts successfully, but when trying to launch a program we get:

TankError: Could not create folders on disk. Error reported: Critical! Could not update Shotgun with folder data. Please contact support. Error details: API batch() request with index 0 failed.  All requests rolled back.
API create() CRUD ERROR #6: Create failed for [Attachment]: Path /mnt/cache/btltest3 doesn't match any defined Local Storage.

Likewise, when trying to run tank folders and other commands, the same error is printed.

I believe we have added linux paths in all places necessary. Is this a matter of synchronizing the database?

tank synchronize_folders prints among other things

- The path is not associated with any Shotgun object.

which is sort of confusing.


Hi Mois,

did you also add your Linux path in your Local storage in Shotgun?
It is under Shotgun Site Preferences --> File Management.



Thank you @mathurf that was it! This sort of looks like default fields for what is already in the Pipeline Configuration.
Now on to the next step :slight_smile:


Yes they look pretty similar :slight_smile:
They represent mostly what is in your project roots.yml file while Pipeline Configuration paths represent what is in your project install_location.yml file.


Great, thanks for the clarification.

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