Tank command does not work

Hi everyone,
I am trying to run tank command from my config and throws this error, anyone knows how to fix it?


Welcome to SGTK!
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Starting Toolkit for your current path

  • The path is not associated with any SG object.
  • Falling back on default project settings.

ERROR: The path ‘P:\project\test_toolkit_toolkit’ associated with Project id
188 does not resolve correctly. This may be an indication of an issue with the
local storage setup. Please contact support at
Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Support.

File Management:

I have tried looking in roots.yml

default: true
linux_path: null
mac_path: null
shotgun_storage_id: 3
windows_path: P:\project


pc_id: 928
pc_name: DEV_fcrespo
project_id: 188
project_name: test_toolkit
published_file_entity_type: PublishedFile
use_shotgun_path_cache: true

Any clue? thanks in advance