Running tank commands


Can anyone help me understand where I’d be able to run tank commands?
I’m looking to run this “tank unregister_folders path/to/folder”.

I was able to successfully unregister the folder using sgtk in the python console but I’m curious to know about tank commands as they can be handy. I dug through the documentation but I couldn’t find the info I was looking for, perhaps this is basics? I’m not a developer, I’m just trying my hand in pipeline integration :slight_smile:

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The tank program is located in the project’s root. (not sure how it works for distributed configurations)
So you can navigate to the directory and run it

cd /mnt/shotgun_projects/project
./tank unregister_folders path/to/folder

How do you get to the project’s root?

On Windows the folder is empty for one project, and for the other project there is no folder. I have a project without a folder but it’s still locally borked and I need to run:

tank setup_project --force

As far as I can tell “tank” isn’t a registered command. And the installer didn’t seem to setup any environment paths to make sure it can be ran.

For my organization/site I went into a cmd and changed directory to: C:\Users\bernst\AppData\Roaming\Shotgun\singularity6\site.basic.desktop\cfg, which contained:

From the cmd at that directory I was able to run tank commands without issue on the project(s) available.

I’m not sure why, but that folder is noticeably different from one that SG setup itself, but both seemed to operate similarly.

I’m more familiar with Linux but the C:\Share\Shotgun folder looks more like the ShotGrid Desktop’s own tank

  • You could treat it as the global tank command i.e.
  • To cache_apps for a project, you’ll have to explicitly include the Project entity’s ID
    C:\Share\Shotgun\tank Project 123 cache_apps

The one in ...\site.basic.desktop\cfg is the default pipeline configuration settings for that particular project, not the one created by Advanced Project Setup, that ShotGrid Desktop sets up internally

Running the tank from inside that folder will implicitly operate on that particular project without you having to specify it, e.g.

...\site.basic.desktop\tank cache_apps
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