SG Desktop error at Starting up Toolkit on a project

Hi everyone!

I get an error when trying to access to a project page on SG Desktop:

It says an attribute is missing on that object but I haven’t changed anything on the code. I’ve checked it and the library exist and is imported well, also it has the function procces_includes that is suppose to be missing.

Because of that, we cannot see the DCC’s on SG Desktop for that project. The rest of the projects are working well.

Can anyone help me please? I have no much idea about how tk is bootstrapped, and it seems the error is related with that.

Thanks in advance, Alberto!

How is your Project Pipeline Config set up?

Is it a distributed config or a centralized one?

have you tried quitting Sg desktop and renaming your SG cache folder so SG Desktop starts completely from scratch?

Sound likely that there is version mismatch with core. If this is a distributed config, try updating that project’s core
<path-to-project>/tank core

Hi Ricardo!

The config is centralized and yes, I tried deleting SG cache and starting Desktop from scratch and it doesn’t work.

Yes, is what I thought but I wasn’t able to run Tank commands due to the same error… Finally I solved the error, I backed up the project’s core and copy to this project one of an older project and now all seems to work.

I know this is strange and I wanna deep into the error in order to guess what was happening. Any idea?

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I wonder if core can become so old, that it cannot update itself.

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