Advanced Project Setup : Error

I am trying to setup up a new project but getting an error after running the advanced project setup wizard through SG Desktop app & from command line using the tank setup_project --force command. It is also taking too much time to run the setup & to show an error, it’s like have to
wait around 2 hours to see the error.

Following below steps to setup the configuration.

1 - Create new project in SG web app

2 - Open the project in SG Desktop app

3 - Right click in project & select advanced project setup

4 - Select Primary storage

5 - Select configuration folder

6 - Run Setup

Also, I have tried re-run the advanced project setup by removing pipeline configuration & tank name, again getting same error in Desktop app & from command line.

It’s trying to copy a file that does not exist, or to a directory that does not exist (the message is cut off so not sure).
Something might be wrong with the cached tk-multi-workfiles2 app.
If you could refresh the cache somehow - have a look at the tank command, and then reinstall with
tank cache_apps
The second possibility is that the parent directories where you want to clone the project configuration do not exist.

@mmoshev - Thank you, will try with tank command and try to install it. Parent directories are there on project configuration.

This now fixed by sg support team.

Now using the distributed configuration for project.

Thank you all for support.

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