Shotgun Desktop Update Error

Hey everyone,
I’m in the middle of updating SG-Desktop, and all our apps and engines to python 3 to be prepared to everything that may come in the future.

I’m stuck right now because I think everything should be up to date, when it gives me this error when starting Desktop (with Python 2 or 3) that makes me wonder what I may have missed:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "...\shotgun-desktop\Resources\Desktop\Python\tk-framework- 
    desktopstartup\python\shotgun_desktop\", line 850, in main
    exit_code = __launch_app(app, splash, user, app_bootstrap, settings)
 File "...\shotgun-desktop\Resources\Desktop\Python\tk-framework- 
    desktopstartup\python\shotgun_desktop\", line 420, in __launch_app
    return __post_bootstrap_engine(splash, app_bootstrap, engine, settings)
 File "...\shotgun-desktop\Resources\Desktop\Python\tk-framework- 
    desktopstartup\python\shotgun_desktop\", line 576, in __post_bootstrap_engine
    engine, splash, startup_version, app_bootstrap, startup_desc, settings
 File "...\shotgun-desktop\Resources\Desktop\Python\tk-framework- 
    desktopstartup\python\shotgun_desktop\", line 600, in _run_engine
 File ...\tk-desktop\v2.5.13\python\tk_desktop\", line 414, 
    in run
 from . import desktop_window
File "...\tk-desktop\v2.5.13\python\tk_desktop\", line 47, in <module>
 from .update_project_config import UpdateProjectConfig
File ...\tk-desktop\v2.5.13\python\tk_desktop\", line 17, in <module>
 from sgtk import support_url
ImportError: cannot import name support_url

I tried to bypass this error by not importing ‘support_url’ to maybe find out more about what’s happening/ what I’ve missed. After doing that, SG Desktop first seemed to work , but gave me the following error and even crashed after opening up projects back and forth:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "...\tk-desktop\v2.5.13\", line 97, in <module>
    result = main()
  File ...\tk-desktop\v2.5.13\", line 57, in main
  File "...\tk-desktop\v2.5.13\python\utils\", line 402, in handle_error
    proxy = _create_proxy(data)
  File "...\tk-desktop\v2.5.13\python\utils\", line 92, in _create_proxy
    data["proxy_data"]["proxy_pipe"], data["proxy_data"]["proxy_auth"]
  File "...\tk-desktop\v2.5.13\python\tk_desktop\", line 397, in __init__
    address=pipe, family=family, authkey=six.ensure_binary(authkey)
  File ...\shotgun-desktop\Python\lib\multiprocessing\", line 167, in Client
    c = PipeClient(address)
  File ...\shotgun-desktop\Python\lib\multiprocessing\", line 387, in PipeClient
    win32.WaitNamedPipe(address, 1000)
WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified

Can anybody help me finding the reason for this issue?

I see such error and the problem was with the site pipeline config - configuration with no assigned project. It looks like:


Maybe your version there is too old…
I also recommend to delete all temporary shotgun files.

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Thanks @zavinator!
What I did is i updated our blank configuration with no assigned project to use all the latest tk-modules. this sadly didn’t resolve this error, so I’m hoping for another tip here.


this seems to be related to tk-core. Have you updated tk-core in core_api.yml file?


hey mathurf.
Thank you for your answer! I just came here to tell that updating the tk-core did the trick this morning. So yes, that was the problem.


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Excellent, great to hear!